Dj Greg with the coolest Father of the Groom ever, WBZ's well know weatherman Barry Burbank

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Our Testimonials speak for themselves. Every time I look at these testimonials it makes me happy. Enjoy!

Dj Greg with the very happy Cooksey's

Dj Greg with Courtney and Peter.

Another great wedding and a happy couple.

 How do you verify a DJ’s talent?   Most venues will not permit people to crash a wedding to check out a DJ.  Even if they allow it, the DJ is playing music requested by their client that night and it may not match your tastes. 

Videos are not the best method either, because most DJ videos are surprisingly similar and can easily edit mistakes. Footage of people dancing tells you nothing about the experience and reliability of the DJ you may be getting. 

Dj Greg Testimonial from Lisa and Chris

Your best bet is to start with a personal face to face meeting with a DJ. You’ll know after a few minutes in person whether the DJ is knowledgable in a variety of music, has the right personality as an MC and is experienced enough for you to trust with your wedding.

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