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The Science of Dance. FlipBook Photos at the Museum of Science Boston

flip book photos, museum of science flip booksWhat a fun event! Thursday August 9th, 2012 at the Museum of Science in Boston, this was a free teens-only event offering kids the opportunity to learn to dance, moonwalk on the moon, make your own music, and explore the science of dance, and of course make a customized FlipBook. 

Boston Live was invited to add some fun entertainment for the 300+ teens attending. We were packed from start to finish, the kids loved the flip books. The flip books program gave kids the chance to dance like wild, or create a 6 second dance skit that would then get made into a flip book with a customized cover for them to take home. They loved the props and were extremely creative with dressing each otherFlip book photos boston, museum of science flip books up before they made their flip book.

Special thanks to Lucy Green for giving us the honor to provide flip book photos, and thank you Nathan for all the help!


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