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Kelsie and Matt’s Wedding!!

boston wedding dj, ma dj, ma wedding djAnother unbelievable wedding for Dj Greg! Kelsie and Matt were the nicest couple. The wedding reception was held at The Castleton in Windham New Hampshire. The night began with an upbeat cocktail out in the lobby area. Some guest drove where others were shuttled from the church. They came ready to have a good time. 

Guest were then invited into the Grand Ballroom. Dj Greg then proceeded to get everyone on there feet and around the edges of the dance floor. The bridal party was then introduced to the upbeat song Marry Me by Bruno Mars. They had a blast, all doing a fun pose for the camera as they entered the dance floor. Kelsie and Matt were then introduced with an instrumental remix specially prepared by Dj Greg. Guests went crazy as our bride and groom danced around. Dj Greg then transitioned into their romantic first dance followed by 2 memorable toasts. The best mans toast was especially memorable. 

Guest were then treated to a delicious dinner followed by endless dancing. The night ended with all guests in a circle around our bride and groom followed by a big group hug.

You know it’s a good wedding when guests are yelling “one more song” at the end of the night!


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