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Sara and Adam’s Wedding!!

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Congrats Sara and Adam!! What a fun night at the Chelmsford Radisson filled with special moments and lots of dancing. Sara and Adam used the Wedding Online Planner provided to them by Boston Live Events, extensively. This feature really helps new couples through the whole planning process from music, to special formalities, to the timeline for the entire event.

The evening began with a pleasant cocktail hour outside the ballroom. Sara and Adam had a piano player which added a nice classy ambiance. 

The new Mr. and Mrs. Anderson decided to go with Boston Live’s Back Bay Package. This includes a Professional Dj, Up Lighting, and a Custom Monogram Gobo Light.

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The doors to the ballroom were then opened up and guest were wowed by the Up Lighting. A staff member at the Chelmsford Radisson said “Wow this is the best this room has ever looked with Uplighting”. As guest began to make there way towards their seats they then saw that Sara and Adam’s names were lit up on the center of the dance floor. Guest began getting up on chairs and taking pictures of the custom monogram gobo that filled the dance floor brightly with our bride and groom’s name.

Sara and Adam were introduced into the room shortly after with a big, high energy grand entrance. Dj Greg had all the guest up in a circle around the dance floor and whipped them into a frenzy clapping and cheering as the new Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were introduced for the first time. A very romantic first dance followed this. There was not a dry eye in the room.

The uplighting began to get more and more dramatic as the sun set and the room darkened. After cake cutting ceremony, a delicious dinner, and some very special parent dances, Dj Greg organized a huge group photo on the dance floor of all guests attending. From then on it was dancing time. Dj Greg tired the guest out quickly with his high energy dance sets (I think a lot of this had to do with it being a Friday night as well). The night ended with a special last dance and a big group hug in the center of the dance floor. 

Special thanks to Sara and Adam for being such a great couple to work with.

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2 thoughts on “Sara and Adam’s Wedding!!

  1. Greg did a wonderful job! Up lighting was beautiful, loved the monogram. Greg took charge right from the beginning and everything went smoothly, banquet manager was very impressed! Thank u Greg!!!


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