Lisa and Katie tie the knot!!!

An absolutely beautiful winter wedding hosted at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA. Lisa and Katie choose Boston Live Event’s Dj Greg to handle the cocktail hour and reception of their same sex wedding. 

It was a frigid day on the North Shore with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills well below zero. Perfect weather for a winter themed wedding. Lisa and Katie hosted their ceremony then headed over to the Hawthorne for pictures and cocktail hour. The cocktail was held upstairs in the Essex Room with smooth light jazz. Due to the cold weather and size of the ceremony space, Katie and Lisa opted to do their receding line after cocktail hour as guests moved downstairs for the reception.

Dj Greg then organized the bridal party for a fun introduction. Katie and Lisa were introduced with a loud cheer and applauses then processed right into their romanic Valentines Day first dance. They selected to share the love with all their friends and family and Dj Greg invited all guests to join in halfway through the first dance. Greg wasted no time going into a couple fun high energy dance songs to let guests know this was going to be a fun unforgettable evening. 

Katie and Lisa cut their cake with a sword as Dj Greg played the Game of Thrones theme song. A cute unique touch to show their personality.

After dinner Dj Greg packed the dance floor immediately and kept everyone moving and shaking until last dance. The night ended with everyone on the dance floor singing their hearts out!

Congrats Katie and Lisa!

Katie and Lisa with Dj Greg

Katie and Lisa with Dj Greg


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